Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Protective Backpack

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The world is changing every day. That’s a fact. We’ve seen it change dramatically in recent years as unexpected and inexplicable tragedies have unfolded at a rapid pace.  With increased levels of violent responses to daily pressures, and a turbulent political arena, it seems like it’s easier than ever to go from carefree citizen to unexpected victim. These events have created a sense of fear and paranoia in the general population around the world.

So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family? It seems impossible in times of panic and crisis, but it’s important that we empower and defend our loved ones and ourselves. We can either give in to the fear and lose the quality of life we know and deserve, or we can take control and action.  We understand how much you want to protect your family. Keeping yourself and your family happy, healthy, and safe is your number one priority, and it should be.

The problem, though, is that you can’t always be there. Each of us has our own lives to live, and our own set of responsibilities.  We can’t always be there side by side with our children and families for personal protection.  We can, however, give them additional security from the uncertainties of today.  That’s why investing in protective backpacks can be the extra layer of security your family needs.  Anti-theft and protective bulletproof backpacks allow you to better protect yourself and your family on a daily basis. Our inconspicuous backpacks are lightweight, conventional, and have been tested to meet high NIJ Quality Standards.  If you’re not sure whether getting a protective backpack is a worthwhile investment, Backpack Boutique is here to help. We offer a wide selection of anti-theft and bulletproof backpacks designed with your safety in mind. Here are a few reasons why protective backpacks are a good idea.



Backpack Boutique | MILITECH 10 X 12 Ultra Light Weight Bulletproof Insert Panel (NIJ IIIA Hard Armor Plate)

Every Day Protection

Like most people, you probably have a lot of responsibilities in your life, but while your personal safety should be your number one priority, it can’t be a dominant force in your life. Bulletproof and anti-theft backpacks provide the consistent protection you need, without otherwise impacting your schedule.  Investing in a protective backpack means that you can feel secure no matter where you go without thinking twice about it! By using these backpacks, your personal security is enhanced, and you will be better prepared to protect yourself in a crisis.  If you’re looking for something to start with, modify your existing backpack by adding a Militech Ultra Lightweight Bulletproof Insert Panel.  Just slipping this insert into your backpack gives you additional protection from robbers, muggers, and other threats to your safety.



Backpack Boutique | AA Shield - Ballistic Safe School Bag - NIJ Level III-A (9486)

Practical Protection

One of the most controversial parts of the public crisis we are facing is trying to find a solution that is easy to implement, and works to protect everyone.  The idea of carrying a weapon is a common suggestion, but it’s not a practical option, especially when it comes to young children and teens.  That’s why investing in a bulletproof backpack is the most logical choice when it comes to protecting your family. That way everyone can stay protected. Check out this AA Shield Backpack for something that is lightweight and stylish, but protects you with the technology of Aramid fiber strength. 



Backpack Boutique | Kingsons 13''15'' Anti-Theft USB Charging Backpack

Functional Protection

Protective backpacks aren’t just designed only for safety. They’re also designed to serve as a fully functional backpack, with many desirable features. All of our backpacks are suitable for school and work. They all feature multiple compartments, water bottle holders, extra-strength locking clips, and even USB chargers like our Kingson’s Anti-theft USB Charging Backpack.  Our anti-theft features include military grade fibers that are slash-resistant, eliminating the possibility of a thief cutting into the bag to take the contents, or cutting the shoulder straps and making a fast get-away.  These bags also feature hidden compartments, making it difficult for anyone to tamper with your bag quickly.  We protect your credit cards with radio frequency blocking techniques, which prevents thieves from scanning data from the chips in your cards.  Consider these features in addition to the personal protection elements our bags offer, and you have an easy choice in self-protection backpacks. 


Backpack Boutique | AA Shield - Ballistic Safe School Bag - NIJ Level III-A (9485)


Getting a bulletproof backpack doesn’t mean wearing military fatigues and gear. There are plenty of high quality and stylish options so everyone can find a bag designed to fit their needs. For instance, the AA Shield Safety Backpacks are perfect for children and adults alike.  As you can see, investing in bulletproof and anti-theft protection is a simple yet effective solution to improving your personal security. Improving the safety and protection you want for your family has never been easier to get, or more affordable. Don’t wait one second longer. Protect your family now and order your bulletproof and anti-theft bags today.





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